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A return means that the checkwriters check failed to clear. The transacton is automatically returned to E-Chex for collection of the bad debit.

For Non-guaranteed merchants, the transaction is then reversed back to the merchant. Guaranteed merchants, however, remain funded for the transaction and E-Chex absorbs the bad check.

Please note that Guaranteed merchants can still have the transaction reversed as the result of any of the following:

  • A Checkwriter disputes the validity of the charge to their account
    This is a dispute between the merchant and the checkwriter, and must be resolved by the merchant prior to payment of the check.
  • A reciept was not provided to E-Chex for the returned transaction
    As noted in the merchant agreement, the reciept must be provided to E-Chex to aid in our collection efforts.
  • The transaction was found to be non-compliant with those allowed for processing
    In order to be credited for a check, the transactions must have be performed in compliance to your agreement with E-Chex. Any check that was credited, and later found to be non-compliant will be reversed out of your account.


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