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What happens if our sales clerk accepts a check that the service does not accept? Article #1001
Merchant - Terminal Authorizations
How do I request a lower rate? Article #1050
How can I reconcile my deposits with the original transactions? Article #1017
Merchant - Account - Credits
Do I contact E-Chex for my credit card transactions as well? Article #1020
Merchant - Account
My terminal does not register the check data when I scan it? Article #1014
Equipment - Check Readers/Imagers
The check reader light is flashing? Article #1015
Equipment - Check Readers/Imagers
What is this ACH Code? Article #1002
Merchant - Statement
When do I receive my credits? Article #1004
Merchant - Account - Credits
How do I upload images? Article #1006
Equipment - Check Readers/Imagers
How do I enable cookies to use the E-Chex web site? Article #1054
Development - Web Services

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