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Troubleshooting the IVI-3000

Troubleshooting the Mag-Tek


Check won’t FeedCheck the light on the front of the Mag-Tek. If there is no light then the Mag-Tek isn’t powered on. Check the cables and make sure the Mag-Tek is plugged in. If the light on the front is green check the track the check runs through to see if there is any obstructions. If the check track is clear try to enter a check and listen to see if the motor is even running. If not the Mag-Tek must be replaced.


Check won’t Read – There are four different reasons the Mag-Tek wont read the MICR line off a check: Cables, MICR, Configuration, Interference.


Cables:             Cable connections that are not secure or incorrect can cause it to appear the Mag-Tek is not properly reading the check. Actually, the Mag-Tek can read the check fine but due to cable misconnections the terminal never receives the information from the check reader.


MICR:             The Mag-Tek sometimes can’t read a check because of the check itself. In this case the light on the Mag-Tek will flash red as it attempts to read the check. The MICR line, the series of numbers along the bottom of the check, is printed with magnetic ink that allows the Mag-Tek to read the check. This magnetic information can be corrupted if the check has been folded, wet, or stored near other magnetic items. It is also possible the check was printed with non-magnetic ink. Any of these circumstances can cause the check to be unreadable.


Configuration:               In this case the light on the Mag-Tek will be green as it reads the check. However, the terminal will not recognize the check information. The configuration is a program within the check reader that determines how it presents the MICR information to the terminal. This insures the Mag-Tek and the terminal are speaking the same “electronic language.” Problems result when the Mag-Tek has the wrong or no configuration. This can be the result from connecting the Mag-Tek while the terminal is on, electric surges (lighting storms etc), or when Mag-Tek’s are purchased from someone other than E-Chex. This problem is corrected by running a configuration check through the Mag-Tek.


Interference:                 The Mag-Tek uses a sensitive magnetic reader to ascertain the check’s Routing, Account, and Check numbers. However, the ability to read this information can be hindered by the presence of an electronic or magnetic field. These are created by all kinds of electrical equipment including power packs, computers, neon signs, or occasionally wiring within the walls. If this kind of interference is affecting the Mag-Tek the light on the front will blink alternating between red and green. This can be resolved by moving the Mag-Tek until the light turns to solid green.



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